Hand sourced and handmade from the finest local ingredients Tasmania has to offer…
Sirocco South food has taste and sustainability at the centre of its experience…
Take-home gourmet food and exclusive seasonal foraging feasts.

Our Story

Welcome to Sirocco South

Mic Giuliani is one of the caped crusaders of Tasmanian food. Foraging, tasting and investigating different ingredients, Mic spends a lot of time thinking about food. When he’s not thinking about it, he’s in his commercial kitchen cooking up magic, using fresh and foraged Tasmanian ingredients to create dishes for Sirocco South – his fabulous take on Italian cuisine.

“Family was my food inspiration, for sure,” Mic says. “My mum and my grandparents – they were really old-style Italian when it came to fresh ingredients and food. Their view was something like, ‘Air is air and water’s okay to drink, but there’s all this fabulous stuff growing that’s great to eat.’”

Mic has been sharing his take on traditional recipes with a much larger Tasmanian family for years now and you can find him, the first and third Sundays of the month at Hobart’s Farm Gate Market, and at special events including Dark Mofo. Now, he’s decided to invite people along for his favourite food pastime – foraging ingredients to create a long-table Tasmanian dining experience – literally, from paddock to plate.

Food Tours

Foraging Tours

Join Mic on the ultimate seasonal food treasure hunt. Discover how to identify the amazing local flavours that can be found by those in the know, including native greens, wild asparagus, delicious and safe mushrooms, salt bush and a cornucopia of other ingredients.


Natural and BBQ
with fermented asparagus and butter


Bream Creek 2012 Cuvée Traditionelle


Wild mushroom paté

Locally foraged saffron milk caps and slippery jacks combined with Huon Valley Swiss browns, locally sourced lentils, walnuts, herbs and finished with a touch of sloe gin, served with warm sourdough bread


Freshly foraged asparagus

Three ways: BBQ naked, steamed, frittata


Bream Creek 2018 Pinot Grigio



Locally caught Australian salmon, BBQ and served with pickled asparagus and seaweed


Bream Creek 2018 Pinot Rosé


Stuffed lamb breast with weed salsa verde

Local lamb breast, stuffed with prosciutto, asparagus and garlic, cooked in the sous vide and finished in the oven til crispy, served with a salsa verde of buckshorn plantain, ice plant, coastal salt bush and wild rocket

*please note, due to the seasonal nature of our tours, the menu is only an example of out offerings.
Thank you for your understanding.


I really enjoyed this unique experience with Mic. He has a great knowledge of food, he is an engaging storyteller and he is completely at home in this space. Mic has the “hospitality gene”, you’ll feel welcome and well fed!

Jo Cook, food curator, Dark MOFO.

A revelation Mic! Congrats on bringing Italian-Australian bush food to life. Hope it’s a great success. Thank you!

Amanda Ducker, Travel Journalist

An interesting and delicious experience led by a very knowledgeable host!

Silja Svennsen, Hobart

a marvellous collection of beautifully prepared and very tasty foods collected from close by. I would never have imagined that “weeds” could be so tasty. A wonderful degustation of a kind I have never experienced anything like it! Mmmmmm

James Ricketson film maker

Superb food, great location and excellent company. What an experience!

Trevor D. Daylesford, vic

What an amazing day! Loved it, thank you and your team. An enjoyable day. I will be telling as many people as I can what an amazing experience this is. Thanks!

Lauren, journalist

Thank you Mic and team for an eye opening experience in my own backyard. The food and setting are world class, the wines delicious and a perfect complement to the food. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Sarah Webb

Thank you for hosting us on our foraging tour. It was an amazing day! We really appreciated the knowledge you passed on to us about foraging, and the stunningly tasty and unique food and drink extravaganza you prepared. Feasting in the forest was fabulous!!

Fiona and Ross

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